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Beitragstitel Stigmatisierung psychisch kranker Menschen in Basel und Abhängigkeit von der versorgenden Institution
  1. Julia Sowislo Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken Vortragender
Präsentationsform Poster
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Abstract Perceptions of dangerousness are a commonly measured and practically influential component of mental health stigma. They may stem from different sources of information being the display of psychiatric symptoms and the use of psychiatric service institutions, respectively. Our study aims at comparing the extent of perceived dangerousness associated with psychiatric symptoms versus psychiatric service use. A representative survey (N = 2207) was conducted in the canton of Basel-Stadt. Participants were asked to answer the perceived dangerousness scale with respect to a vignette that either depicted psychiatric symptoms of a fictitious character or a psychiatric service institution the fictitious character had been admitted to. Between the vignettes, type of symptoms, type of psychiatric service, dangerousness, and gender were systematically varied. Perceived dangerousness was significantly lower as related to psychiatric service use than related to psychiatric symptoms. Overall, symptoms of alcohol dependency, behavior endangering others, and male gender of the fictitious character tend to increase perceived dangerousness. Furthermore, being hospitalized in a psychiatric unit at general hospital or the rater being familiar with psychiatric services tends to decrease perceived dangerousness.
Treatment in psychiatric units located within general hospitals should be promoted, as it is associated with decreased stigma.